At five years of age I received my first camera. The film it used was 126. Does anyone even remember that??? Currently, I shoot with an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV.

I will photograph just about anything. I love landscapes, flowers and fauna, seascapes, architecture, cityscapes, animals, history, and some artsy kind of fun things now and then too. The world is simply so fascinating, amazing, inspiring, unusual, unique,.....

Art is always filtered through the perception of the viewer. It would be a true honor and privilege to know that one of my prints may grace a wall in your office or home.

I photograph for myself, not for anyone else, and realize my view of the world is not everyone's. That's okay. If you don't enjoy what you see here, please continue on your search and I wish you the best.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was my home for the first decades of my life. After taking a three week trip to the four corners area of the US, we fell in love with the Southwest. My husband and I now live near Tucson, Arizona. I enjoy traveling, camping, kayaking, hiking, chillin' by the fire, shooting pool, throwing darts, working out, and just hanging with our rescue cats, Shadow and Jayd.

In our adopted city, known as The Old Pueblo, we are lucky to have many wonderful events happening all year long. There are lots of interesting places to visit and different cultures to learn about. Not to mention the incredible scenery, amazing sunsets, intense monsoons, and lots and lots of wildlife.